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Roof Rats & Mice

  Do you hear Roof Rats scratching in your attic ?  Roof Rats are incredibly common and can cause a significant amount of damage including chewing on electrical wiring, destroying important heirlooms, stored belongings, and destruction of insulation. Rats are colony species, meaning if you’ve seen one there are many more just around the corner.

   Roof Rats will typically enter your home at night or early evenings. In addition to the physical destruction of property, they leave fecal and urine deposits (droppings) in your attic and walls. This matter can spread up to 35 different diseases and act as a scent trail to additional colonies. Most people identify the presence of a roof rat colony by seeing droppings, hearing scratching noises, or locating outdoor entry points, During your Free Inspection and Estimate your technician will further identify these and create a custom plan to remedy the issue.


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We have a unique system developed to kill rats quickly outside of the residence. Our process can guarantee prompt results without causing disturbing dead rat smells. Roof Rats are a survivor species with incredible environment adaptability. Through the years they have learned to thrive in urbanization and figure out the most common threats, for example - snap traps. If the colony has encountered these before, they will avoid them entirely. If not, the rats will figure out the threat within 3 days. For this reason it is of your best interest to contact an experienced technician with proven results. See FAQ’s below for more information on the species!

   Our technicians are equipped to begin service at time of Inspection to Guarantee prompt Rodent Removal.

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