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Rodent Removal 101

To understand a rodent’s attraction to your attic you must first identify which rodent. Rats, Opossums, Raccoons, Squirrels, Bats, and Mice all have different motivations for finding shelter. Some rodents will create permanent dens in your attic and others are just passing through. Identifying these patterns is essential to identifying what entices that particular animal to your home. In Texas, we experience very hot summers and winters cold enough to impact behavior. This significant change in temperature throughout the year drives breeding, feeding, and denning patterns.

Many assume that colder temperatures bring a higher level of rodent activity, but this is not always true. The rodents still exist year round, they are just easier to hear in winter months. In the heat of Texas summers, animals are able to make their nests on top of your insulation creating a barrier between your ceiling and them. During colder months, they dig deeper and can sound much louder and closer. This illusion can prove problematic as rodent breeding patterns also align with the weather. You may believe your “winter rodents” have left the attic for the summer, but in reality they are nursing their young and preparing them for the following breeding season. Summer months are a great time to remedy this issue,

Having professionals exclude rodents from your home, seal entry points, and disinfect your attic in the summer is vital in Guaranteeing you do not have winter breeding. (See FAQs for rodent specific patterns) In the summer months technicians have free reign to your roof without the dangers of snow, sleet, and ice. This makes scheduling much easier and precise. With Guaranteed Rodent Removal Services, we offer Free Inspections and Estimates year round. If you heard scratching noises or saw droppings this past winter, you may still be dealing with live rodent activity.

When you schedule your Free Inspection and Estimate, we will send an actual technician to your home to do a thorough walk through of both your attic and exterior spaces. They are looking for droppings, scratch marks, grease marks, dens, burroughs, urine trails, and much more. Once all points of entry are identified and the rodent issue confirmed, he will then walk you through everything and explain our unique processes. At the very same appointment our technicians are capable of beginning work. We do not employ a single salesperson.

We are located in the following metroplexes

  • Dallas

  • Fort Worth

  • Houston

  • San Antonio

  • Austin

As a Veteran Owned and Family Operated business it is our main priority to exceed all expectations and provide a permanent rodent removal solution. For this reason we include a 100% Guarantee or Warranty covering your entire home, not just the points sealed. In addition to the seal of your home we Guarantee NO rodent will get back in. Meaning, we seal against all rodent species. If your initial treatment was for rats and eight months after service you get a roof replacement and squirrel wanders in, your home is still covered and we will re-treat for free. We take great pride in our work and center our entire service around you, the homeowner. We would love to treat your home, it all starts with a quick call!

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