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San Antonio

Enriched with culture and character, San Antonio & its' metroplex is full of great people and even better food. San Antonio is also home to a host of rodents such as roof rats, bats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, and more. Guaranteed Rodent Removal professionals remove, seal entry ways, and sanitize to Guarantee a Rodent free home. 

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Roof Rats &


Roof Rats and mice both carry a substantial amount of diseases and can cause expensive damage. Click Here to learn more about them.


Did you know a squirrel's teeth never stop growing? They must constantly keep gnawing and chewing to maintenance them. Click Here to learn more.

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Raccoons are incredibly intelligent and can cause a tremendous amount of costly damage. Raccoons are also dangerous when cornered. Click Here to learn more.


Known for their infamous "play dead" defense mechanism, opossums can seek shelter in attic spaces. Click Here to learn more.

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