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Why Do At Home Methods Not Work for Roof Rats?

An ongoing joke we have around Guaranteed Rodent Removal Services is that roof #rats make bunnies look like nuns. They reproduce at incredibly rapid speeds and come to maturity quickly. Each birth can produce 7-15 live births. The most common rate of reproduction is 7-10 times annually. This means each female is responsible for over 100 new rats a year! Five to six weeks after birth a female roof rat is ready to conceive babies and will only be pregnant for 21-23 days. These animals are incredibly rapid breeders to say the very least. When using at home treatments it is highly unlikely you will be able to outrun the breeding pattern of the colony in your attic. If you do by some small chance rid the colony, you will still have a tremendous amount of scent trails left in your attic that will surely attract a new colony and the process will only continue. For this reason, a professional company that uses powerful products wisely is an absolute necessity. Not only do you need to completely eradicate the colony, but your home needs to be sealed of all exterior holes, and your attic fogged with a powerful disinfectant/deodorizer. These products are not available to the public and require a valid #Texas Department of Agriculture license for purchase. This is just one more reason to check the credentials of your rodent control provider.

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