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Why Do I Need an Annual Rodent Inspection?

Did you know rodents such as roof rats, squirrels, raccoons, and opossums can live comfortably in your attic space? These animals will tear holes in areas such as roof lines, junctions, gable vents, and much more. Their motivation is to gain entry to nest or breed. While these animals themselves can be dangerous, their path of destruction has an element of danger as well.

Roof rats and squirrels are chronic gnawers, in fact a squirrel's front incisors never stop growing. They are constantly chewing on your wires, AC lines, heirlooms, or any other object in your attic. While one rat or squirrel may be small, the damage they can cause could be quite costly. Chewed wires are also a major fire hazard.

What should an Inspection Look like?

There are many rodent removal companies in your area, not all of them are built the same. When scheduling your inspection it is imperative to identify which companies are vetted and trustworthy. It is absolutely ok to ask for proof of insurance and recommended to read reviews on several different platforms. Once you have identified a few trustworthy companies give them a call and ask your questions. After your phone conversation, if you feel comfortable with them, go ahead and schedule your inspection.

A qualified technician will then show up to your home and inspect the exterior from top to bottom. (foundation to top of roof). Once complete outside, they should check your attic for past and current rodent activity. They are looking for droppings, urine trails, grease marks, dens, chew marks, and so much more. From here, the technician will determine if there is any remedy work to be done.

At Guaranteed Rodent Removal we take great pride in the training of our inspecting technicians. We are a Veteran Owned and Family Operated business and have been around since 2011. We aim for excellent customer service and permanent repeatable results. If you want peace of mind, we offer Free Inspections to determine if your home is in the clear. Click Here to book your appointment.


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