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Winter is Coming...

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

How to prepare for squirrels in the impending colder weather. Did you know squirrels love to spend time in your cozy attic spaces? In the cooler months of the year, squirrels cozy up in your attic eaves. They are not here to pay your rent or mortgage, they are here to nest and breed. That’s right, squirrels use your attic as a cheap motel to make babies. In Texas, our cooler months start roughly in October and November, so now (September) is the best time to “squirrel proof your home”

Well, how do you know if you need to contact a professional? Are you hearing odd scratching noises in the daytime? Squirrels are most active during daylight hours. Now that many of us are working from home, it is much easier to pick up on the strange burrowing noises. It could sound like a tree branch on the roof or much more subtle depending on what our squirrel friends are up to. Another giveaway is chew marks on the exterior of your home. When doing your walk around, pay special attention to siding and junctions.

Squirrels are cute, why should I be concerned? You are absolutely correct, squirrels are adorable, but they do not belong in your home for a few reasons. When nesting squirrels will leave behind urine and fecal matter that serves as an attractant to their nosy cousins, the roof rat. Once roof rats inevitably move in, your plot thickens. Damage to exterior surfaces, chewed wires, droppings in the Christmas tree, and so much more is imminent. It is of great importance to contact a professional quickly should you believe you may have squirrels. In addition to nosy roof rats, squirrels themselves are capable of causing quite the stir. Their razor sharp teeth are capable of gnawing through plumbing, wires, AC lines, and whatever else you store in your attic. If you are concerned your home is vulnerable, but do not believe there is active activity, we can help! Our technicians are trained to spot live activity vs none or old.

At your Free Inspection, our qualified technician will do a thorough examination of your home top to bottom. If they find no live activity we can move forward with prevention techniques. If there is activity present, our technicians will sit with you and create a custom plan guaranteed to permanently remedy the rodent issue.

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