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I Had My Home Sealed, Why Do I Still Have Roof Rats?

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Every Single Day, we run into this with new homeowners. There are many companies that offer rodent removal services, but in what capacity? Removing rodents from your home and attic must be done with skill and care. Your technicians need to be experienced and knowledgable about what materials to use ect. If your seal looks anything like these below, you may need to have and inspection done.

These are a few examples of work we have seen left behind by unqualified technicians. If you do not use high quality materials with tested fastening techniques, rodents will tear it off or chew around it. These animals are smart and determined. We are a Veteran Owned company, so naturally our process takes on a tactical approach. We like to see your home as a fort that the enemy(rodents) should not be able to gain entry to. Our techs are thoroughly trained to spot even the smallest entry points as well as potential weak points.

Once these areas that require improvement are located, we will develop a plan of attack. What materials do we need, paint, metals, screws, wires ect. A strategic plan is key in effectively guaranteeing no rodents. We will spend several hours combing over the entire home and executing the process.

In addition to an extensive seal and sanitization, we include a 100% warranty. This is in place to cover the anomalies or abnormalities. When you are working with mother nature, surprises happen. In these cases, we make sure you are fully covered top to bottom. Our technicians will return to your home to re-treat and re-seal should there be re-entry or an event that caused an opening. (bad storm, new roof ect.) Sealing your home properly is absolutely a key component of permanently remedying your rodent issue.

If you have had rodent removal services performed in the past, but are not so sure the seal is properly done, we can help. This qualifies as a Free Inspection. We will send a tech to you at no charge to determine if the work is done correctly and there is no activity, or not. If he finds nothing, the trip will remain entirely free. Give us a call or click here to book and appointment.

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