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Raccoons in Your Attic?

We agree, Raccoon kits are adorable, but do you really want them in your home? We are quickly approaching raccoon breeding season. Just like humans, raccoons will nest and create a home for their young. Your attic happens to be a luxury gated community with a park, in their eyes.

What do raccoons do when they nest? They move things around, rip things apart, leave droppings and urine, in combination with many other destructive behaviors. Raccoons have hands similar to humans and can efficiently tear apart facia and remove barriers in their way.

Raccoons are unique in the fact they use your attic like a cave. Thus meaning, they will rip holes in one side and make their way clear across to the other side. This is why you can hear noises in various places throughout, rather than in one concentrated location. While rummaging around creating their dens, they will move insulation and other necessary attic essentials, potentially causing expensive damage.

Mother raccoons can have anywhere from 2-5 babies per litter. These babies will learn to explore and play near their den. It is important for both the species and you that they have a safe place to grow. Raccoons are valuable to our ecosystem, but dangerous when cornered. We remove the raccoons safely and without dangerous traps. Using our one-way system, mobile kits and their mothers will be able to exit at their own will. Once they exit, they will not be able to return. At this point, they will simply relocate and build another den elsewhere.

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